I've never been to Alaska, but in my mind it looks something like this. I think that the mountain behind the city is actually Cabezón de Oro. It doesn't get it's name of gold or gold minds as you'd think, but from water. When the Arabs had the land they named it after water and after Christians came they "saved the name" fonetically, so Valencian word or was pronounced the same. So it's actually Cabezón of water in it's historic meaning.

There is a local popular legend, probably of Mudéjar origin, in which the intelligence of the Christian conquerors is ridiculed because they believe that there is gold in the place, when in fact it is water.

And this mountain has yearly snow day average at 6 days!

The mountains also have caves: Las cuevas de Canelobre. In their website it says it's developed 145 million years ago on Jurassic period (if I understand Spanish correct). The caves have been open to the public for about 60+ years. During Civil War the caves were used as a repair shop for aircrafts by the Republican army!

This is definitely one of the places we have to go, when we have a decent transportation. It's about 50min drive up north from our place.

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