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By Chamaeleo

Gloucester Green: Profile of Patterns

More tactile textiles in large.
Straight on version [= extra]

I took the long lens to the food market today... Wednesday is a fun day at the market, with a good range of stalls (inc. a record shop), and quite a bustle at the food market itself. I was passing through at the end of lunchtime and it was seriously busy, with many people queueing for some of the stalls, lots of customers distracted by all the choices on offer, and most of the sellers distracted by all the customers to attend to (i.e. good photo opportunities). I enjoyed trying to catch the fleeting interactions, satisfied customers, steaming pots, and cooks in action.

There are lots of cuisines represented at the food market (served with chopsticks, forks, spoons, or nothing), and I even took pictures of people eating, which I was less sure about, but it certainly makes my pictures more representative because there were fewer people without than with...

Today's other photos are on Flickr (right from here).

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