All part of the story

By Treshnish

Tucked in

We finally got the widened bed frames and new mattresses back to Haunn this afternoon.  This is the fun part - putting the cottage back together.  Tomorrow though I will have to get my skates on to get it finished and photographed before the guests arrive.  It is beginning to look good, even though I say it myself. 

I walked home with the dog as the sun was beginning to go down.  The cottages are so sheltered from the wind tucked in as they are under the hill. 

The wind is raging again tonight, roaring through the trees round the house. 

I am sorry I am not getting as much time as I would like to catch up on your journals or acknowledge/reply to comments and kindly bestowed gifts.  I do appreciate you keeping up with my journal when I am so bad at keeping up with anything in return.  Thank you.

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