Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


I have had such a great night! Finished work for the week (woop woop!) and met Mom for pre-panto dinner. Whilst chowing down on scrummy Chinese food, only TYLER FLIPPIN' BATE walked in. It took me an inordinate amount of time to go say hey and nab a picture (I still think it might've been the wrong thing to do, as he'd only just finished dinner!) I made a right twat of myself cos I didn't recognise Pete Dunne & Trent Seven sitting with him (my memory for faces is shocking; having a dastardly blonde moustache will definitely helps your chances of being remembered by me). Then Ma & I went to the panto and it was BRILLIANT. John Barrowman is an absolute delight, and I was surprised by how funny I found The Krankies. Twas a really great night. On the bus home now, looking forward to a lie in!

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