Reasons to be cheerful, part 1

- Two pots of bright yellow daffs on the kitchen windowsill.

Appointment with the GP today. The words "whole-body whiplash" were uttered, before he printed off a 2-week (in the first instance...) sick note and a prescription for a huge number of strong painkillers - important to stay pain-free enough to remain mobile. Very pleased that he's referring me to the local physio - having been reasonably fit until last week, I'm very keen to get back to full mobility without relying on painkillers.

Ventured out with MrM to the Open Mike session at the local pub for a short time this evening. Very good to escape the flat for a while, but not so keen on the 'minor celebrity' status that I seem to have attained locally. Everyone seems to know about last week's events or, at least, a version thereof... .

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