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Florida "cow-hunter", circa 1876

in the state park we camped at this weekend, they have an authentic replica of a central Florida cow camp from 1876, that is open every weekend. The cow hunters (who rounded up and branded the cattle so they could be shipped out) play their part very seriously and talk to you as if you are living in that time. They love to answer questions about what it was like and what was going on in the world (Grant was president, Cuba was at war and buying all the cattle Florida could supply, etc...) It's a living history lesson.
But when I walked down there, I was glad that some tourists from Nova Scotia were talking to the cow hunter, so that I could just walk around and take photos (and pat the horse). I wish I could show you his cooking utensils over the fire, and the pump on the water trough, etc.- and boy, can he crack that whip!

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