Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


I came very close to not participating in Abstract Thursday this week - also very close to not blipping at all today. But in the end here I am. Having done the research and discovered that this week's theme is Celebrate - or maybe Celebration - I ended up taking a photo with my phone the shiny gold paper that came on a flowerpot a while back. The Husband - who shares some of the characteristics of a magpie - kept it because it's, you know, shiny. Anyhoo - I fiddled with it using the RollWorld app. And here we are. Shiny is celebratory, right?

Also apparently this is part of our brief this week - as Ingeborg is away:

'I'm asking all who join in on AT today to help pick this weeks 5 most remarkable entries, please pick your favourite three entries and post them in the comments on my journal in tomorrow's or Saturday's entry. Thanks very much in advance. I'll make a link to the whole collection of entries here as soon as I'm in Scotland and on the laptop, can't copy and paste from the iPad. If you're looking for them meanwhile search for #AT83 via the search button.'

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