A fog-filled foray...

... into the woods could have been a peaceful way to start this chilly morning. 

I set off to look for moody misty shots through the trees (as in my first extra) and slightly closer, simpler images (second extra).

I finally settled on blipping quite a close-up detailed shot of the vertical face of a single trunk, with an array of muted colours.

However this was anything but a calm and pleasant experience because the whole area was over-run by noisy, barely controlled dogs and some of the most stupid canine handlers I could imagine. There were, surprisingly, far more dogs than people and they were mostly running loose.

When I was standing taking the second extra shot, I could hear a woman's voice telling Ginger to do this or that, but I was paying no attention. Suddenly, standing with my camera to my eye, two very muddy paws made sloppy contact with my knees!  With barely an apology, the owner collected the pooch and scuttled off to her car.

All became clearer when I returned to the car park. There were no fewer than four transit vans containing numerous dogs and supposedly professional dog walkers. I counted seven dogs being released from one of the vehicles. No wonder the barking could be heard from quite a distance.

Not a place I will be visiting again soon - certainly not at that time of day.

Sorry about the rant. 

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