Crepe Myrtle #2

   This is the second of my 2 Crepe Myrtles going to bonsai for potting tomorrow.  This one was air layered off of yesterday's plant.  It is 2 years old, in it's own pot.    The picture  has a very dark background because the sun is high and very harsh (bright) light.  The trunk and leaves are in direct sunlight while the back of my house is gray and dark gray where the rain splashes dirt on the house.  I usually  use a different angle so that the darkness doesn't affect the exposure, but because the sun is sooo bright the background is more pronounced....  extremes.
   I did have fun playing in manual, using various apertures and shutter speeds until I got this...  not the best but certainly a lot of fun (and over 50 deleted photos).  Practice, practice, practice.......

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!

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