Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Underneath the arches

The plan for the day seemed straightforward enough: travel through to Edinburgh to meet friends for lunch, go for a walk in the afternoon and then dinner back at their place in the evening. And, in truth, that's how the day panned out. It was just the timings that were a little out!

It was a fairly miserable day weather-wise - cold and wet - and so lunch became an extended affair, It was approaching 3.30pm, then, before we started our walk up towards Holyrood Park. Nevertheless we decided to follow the path round the park and, if one could ignore the persistent rain that was mixed with sleet and the deepening gloom as evening approached, it would have been a very pleasant walk. As it was, the company was the best thing about it.

Leaving the park and returning to the city streets, and all of us being pretty rain-drenched from the waist down (thank goodness for good rain jackets!), we took temporary shelter underneath the arches of a railway bridge before making our way back to our friends' house.

Not a day when many photographs were taken!

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