.... Foil skip to 1min50 if you don't have time for the whole funny song.

A balanced day in the fact we only did half a day at the house and then had an afternoon/evening in Shrewsbury with my sister.

We felt guilty leaving Claire's dad at the house rebuilding the mains electrical box, having no power on at the house restricted the work I could have done though.

I finished the skirting board in the bathroom, had a big clean up and burnt a hell of a lot of rubbish in the back garden. Claire painted some metal work before we headed off to my sisters.

There were a few bits and pieces of mine at Sarah's so we had the van to make it worthwhile. The exciting stuff I picked up was my home cinema system which has been boxed up for too long (a decent amp and five gorgeous sounding Bowers and Wilkins). Looking forward to getting my mancave up and running to listen to music properly again.

When we returned to Claire's her sister was doing some kind of treatment on her hair which needed heat activation, Claire made her an aluminium hat which is what you see. I maybe killed for posting this.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend

Mr Bo Hingles

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