A Mini Part Of The Terracotta Army

I had the thrill of seeing these in reality on one of my stays in China.The figures made up of  soldiers and horse statues dating back to the 3rd century BC are simply breathtaking .In the Lintong District , Xi'an they are a must see. One of the farmers who found them  sits outside and receives a fee for each book he sells.  Never one to be quick at making my mind up it took ages to choose which replicas I would buy . Why I didn't get a horse puzzles me .Looking at the originals one sees fine detailed art.  Have done some faffing with this. Couldn't bring myself to do Mono & which of my fiff faff shots to use  as main. The best way to clean these is to dunk in a bucket of water which is job number 1 tomorrow .
It must be said that Manchester displayed some wondrous deco coloured terracotta army figures for the Chinese New Year.

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