Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

15 mile bike ride from Naples.

This was one EPIC day!!!!!!!!! I was a bit hungover... It was my last day in Naples and I tried to find a way to get to Positano. I had been to Amalfi and it's gorgeous but needed to return to the Amalfi coast for some more time. Anyway, no such luck. I tried seeing how much a ticket to go to Capri again would be but it was far too expensive. So... I grabbed a bike and left ship around 9am to do the usual bike track in Naples and finished it in no time at all. I wasn't satisfied so kept going and built up the courage to ride on the busy country road along the coast. I stopped at a mini market and then a cafe in Piazza S. Luigi called La Bottega Del Polla for coffee and food. I carried on up the coastal rode stopping to take photos.

I came across a Saturday market at 'Piazza Salvatore di Giacomo' but kept on moving. The roads were so busy. 

I stopped again at Piazza Capo di Posillipo and found two stray dogs which I fed some leftover pastry. They were very cute and appreciative! From here I came across a huge hill that descended down. This was incredible to ride! It passes by the Grotta di Seiano which I didn't discover until I was on the way back and it was closing. 

I thought about continuing on but was worried about how far I felt I was from the ship (not a bad thing lol) and thought I found a private mini beach on the little island and set up to rest when a few armed officers approached and one man told me it was private property... oops. I left and moved to the rocks where a few locals were sunbathing but spotted a beach in the distance. I rode to it and it was a pure black sand beach. Very small, a few locals only but I couldn't believe the colour! 

I soon left and made my way back up the hill which was a nightmare to ride back up... and stopped at another cafe for a limone granite before powering on all the way back to Naples. It was a lot quicker to go back since I knew where I was going and ended up back to the bay with hours to spare. I went for a few fancy non alcohol cocktails at one of the beachfront bars before going back to ship. I was knackered but it was an epic adventure!!! Probably the best day out by myself over the whole contract!

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