Kimono Girls and Puffer Fish.

Mr isbi and I went to Asakusa today which is one of the older parts of Tokyo.
(The daughters were still recovering from an "all nighter" at sushi bars and karaoke).

There is a temple there and lots of stalls and markets.
Quite a few girls were wearing traditional dress. I am not certain but I think many of them just dress up for a day out and ride in a rickshaw.
Whatever, they still look beautiful and brighten up the scenery.

I did have an attempt for the Wide Angle Wednesday challenge of Forced Perspective with Mr isbi holding the Tokyo Sky Tree (2nd tallest man made structure in the world) in his hand and I think it would have been OK if I'd had the software to clone out the bit of of it below his hand.
But I didn't, and without the editing it wouldn't have fooled you.

This evening we took our lives in our hands and went to a restaurant serving puffer fish. Apparently they are deadly poisonous unless properly prepared.
I think maybe it is a bit overrated but the whole experience and 5 courses cooked at the table was great.

It's our last day here tomorrow before another all nighter flying home :-(

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