Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Downy Woodpecker

In the middle of the afternoon I heard a loud BONK out on the porch - followed a few seconds later by a second somewhat less loud bump. I was afraid I'd find a dead bird on the porch - a bird that had hit a window. But when I went out I couldn't find anything. That said - all the birds that had been at the feeders and eating on the ground were gone, except this one Downy Woodpecker. She seemed to be frozen and stayed that way as I got my camera and then walked closer and closer taking photos. She did finally fly away - but I wonder if a hawk had swept through, frightening all the other birds away, and if her strategy had been to just freeze! Of course, that doesn't explain the bonk and the bump... Unless the hawk grabbed the bird that had smacked into the window? I guess I'll never know. But anyway - I got some good close-ups of the woodpecker!

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