Oooooh...It's Friday???

The weekend is here!!

I am going to wish on every star I see tonight, that I have an amazing day tomorrow taking photos.  No family portraits, no time restrictions, just a day that starts early and I will see where my car takes me.  This past week has been manic at work.  I need a long walk in a beautiful odd as that may sound  lol

An ideal day would be to be down at the lake to watch the sun rise, a walk through the woods to be the first to greet all the creatures who awaken to start their day, and a drive into Toronto to a couple of my favourite cemeteries, to wander aimlessly to read headstones and take photos of the art and architecture.  Is that too much to ask for?  ; )  We shall see...

In the mean time, this gorgeous grey squirrel (albeit black), was so cute and perfect for a blip  : ))

Happy, happy weekend...whatever you do!

D x

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