We decided to go on a bike ride today, all around the Vale of Evesham. The area is known for its production of fruit and vegetables, and we saw domed metal tunnels with strawberries growing on shelves with the polythene sheeting all ready to be rolled over them for speedy ripening when the fruit comes. I had my little Olympus Tough camera with me and it doesn't have a viewfinder , just a screen, which I can't see when the sun is in my eyes. When I got home I found that I had somehow inadvertently pressed some button or other which gave me a reflection mode. This is weird because I didn't know I had selected that mode and it was only for a couple of photos and then it reverted to a more normal setting.
Anyway I thought it was quite an interesting shot , if a bit freaky, so here it is!
Extra shows LooseCanon on his bike reflected in a puddle, this time a genuine reflection!
Edit. Added what it reallly looked like as the second extra.

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