A Piece Of Cake

Or so I thought !!!

My 70th birthday year, I was gonna push the boat out - Birthday on a Caribbean Island, book up lots of great things to do during the year with one biggish thing every month.

Now we're in February, none of the above happened and I seem to have had this cold forever, the cold has gone but this horrible cough is hanging on and I still feel very 'down'.

I really need to get away, somewhere warm, in good company and not a care in the world, where the only decision is warm white sand and sea OR pool and pool bar with Rum and Coke OR Pina Colada - mmm, paradise

So instead I treated myself to a rather delicious coffee and walnut cake from Sainsburys, (products similar to this are available in other supermarkets).

So while I am on a sugar rush, I thought I'd share my depressing year so far with you all. I know there are many of you with a real reason for feeling down and depressed and mine is only an annoying cough and a spoilt brattish 'didn't get what I wanted' mood. It's not like me, I normally roll with the blows, and get on with it. I do hope it clears soon . . .

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