By wellsforzoe

Singing for Clean Water

1st February 2017:

St Mary's Chorale, put on an amazing concert to support the Girl Child Project, but an anonymous donor paid for this and other wells, so we have put their name in this. They certainly deserve the recognition.

District :                                  Mzimba
Area:                                       Kadambo
Village:                                    Chickosera
Distance from factory:          11km
Depth of well:                                    3.2 meters
Former water source:           open hole
Furthest from well:               260 meters
Number served:                    204
Preschool                               10 minutes
Primary school:                     35 minutes
Secondary school                  45 minutes
S: 11 24 31
E: 33 56 44
Contact: B Kanyinji: 0884984279
Donor: St Mary’s Chorale, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland
Pump Number: 1732
This village is not very far from the city, yet it has never had a pump!
Clean water has always been a major challenge.
Now that they have the gift of free water from W4Z they are very thankful.


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