Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Esoteric tasks for a blacksmith no.43

This fairly hefty thurible comes from the Cathedral of The Isles, where a combination of vigorous twirling and over-enthusiastic attempts to straighten a bent ring holding the top of one of the chains has broken said ring clean off. It's quite hefty, and birling it at full swing must put quite a strain on the fittings. If you're not familiar with such things, you put charcoal and incense inside (you can just see the foil nest inside; the lid comes off) and set a light to it. The sweet-smelling smoke can fill a church if you're lucky and it's not too draughty; it's used in Anglican and RC churches on high days and holidays or every time you celebrate the Eucharist, depending on (1) your churchmanship and (2) the number of asthmatics in your flock.

Anyway, this one's bust and it's off to the local blacksmith in Dunoon to get fixed. Makes a change, after all ...

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