Jesus and Zé Pelintra

Jesus guides and saves. Zé Pelintra (see black sticker above the truck's headlight) is the entity you turn to when you need help on domestic, business or financial affairs. 
This shot represents the essence of Brazilian mainstream religiosity. While most are professing Christians (Catholic or Evangelical), many practice a syncretistic form of religiosity, mixing Christian contents and practices with African-Brazilian cults and rituals. It is not uncommon to find the figure of a Catholic saint alongside an African Yoruba-deity in the homes of people. And Virgin Mary is very often identified with Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea. It's equally common to see offerings of corn and cachaça at crossroads. Gods and spirits love to eat and drink.
The gods, entities, and spirits that populate popular religiosity are, very often, ambiguous figures. Zé Pelintra, for example, is the patron spirit of barrooms, gambling dens, and gutters. He is known for his wild parties, bohemian lifestyle and for being a charlatan. Some call him Zé Malandro (Crooked Joe). However, he is also regarded as enforcer of charity and protector of the poor. 
Just don't pick a fight with him. No one handles a knife better than him.

MMC17 Day #7

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