NO Really!

'No! Really! Oh yes really!!' she said shocked as we caught up on the gos today. 

Talullah was only too willing to spill the beans on the miscreants in the hen house and it was my turn to sound shocked listening to the 'goings on' as there were escapees from the chicken run, who in all fairness had lived to tell the tale but with the foxes round here, only just. 

I could see they had been on the doorstep leaving their mark but Magpie had found a comfy spot in a plant pot of newly planted sweet peas and laid 3 eggs there. I know this as tonight by pure chance looking out of the window I saw this small dark shape furtively wandering round the house ready to continue with her holiday. We did battle. The dogs knew she shouldn't have been there but were no help what so ever, in fact more of a hindrance, and I picked her up - she did NOT like that, walked to the fence and launched her to within a foot of the open door of her residence! Landing in a rather ruffled manner and giving a shake with harsh words ringing in her ears she trotted up the stairs. There was a bit of a Christopher Robin moment halfway up but she got there in the end. 

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