Metal tree

The parish has luckily set up a very handy alternative tree in the middle of the arable fields between our village and Sontheim. As there isn't a wooden tree for miles around, it fulfils an essential purpose. The parish has also gone so far as to attach a doggy poo bag dispenser and rubbish bin.

The post also has a blue sign showing the area is a "water protection area" as it is the area where the parish water supply comes from a deep well. The designation means there are restrictions as to what the land owners can do, in particular here, what the farmers can do with fertilizer, slurry, insecticides etc.

Walking back to the car, saw the police had set up a mobile speed trap, at the point we would get on a normal road. Drove slowly past them but they were looking down the main road and as feared didn't see my pass to drive without a seatbelt. As I then turned on to the main road just three meters from them, one of the two officers spotted the law breaking and was in such a state of shock at the cheek that he couldn't react. However I stopped on the other side and flashed the pass. He laughed and said he couldn't believe his eyes that someone could be so stupid.

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