I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray


Something moved me to wander up to the lake to see if my heron was hanging out. 

I was walking along the fence line and stopped to take a picture when the tree above me started making noise and out flew my buddy. I think we scared each other. I got a few shots of him when he found his safe space on the edge of the lake. 

Since I have more interesting pictures of him, thought I would wander down a bit further to see what else might be of interest. There was a snow goose that has decided the Canadians were ok to hang out with. A couple of picture of that, hmmmmm.

The northern shovelers are really colorful... already posted. Oh, there is common merganser, I haven't gotten a shot of you yet......HOLY COW....there is a coyote!

We eyed each other, neither one of us were too concerned, so I took pictures and he posed. I thought I might be getting some of the darker side of nature shots, but he wasn't interested in the geese. Just sauntered on.

You do have to understand that this is in the middle of a golf course community in Las Vegas! Not a typical sight. 

I am grateful for that little voice that tells me to go out and shoot something! (and that sometimes I actually listen!)

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