Ground control to Major Peake

...and another photo in context.

I decided to take Adrian on an adventure so, after he'd walked the dogs and I'd had a lesson on painting furniture, from a neighbour, we set off to catch the 11.30 train.

First of all we went to the Gavin Turk exhibition in Lambeth, which Adrian really enjoyed ...and had a cup of coffee.
Then we popped into (I'll find the name out tomorrow).
Then we went to Darquise, in South Kensington, for lunch, which is amazing ...and only £10 each for 2 courses.
Then we went to the V&A to see the Revolution exhibition (1966-70) ...which is really worth seeing if you're in your '60s. We're slightly too young, but I remember the art work and the music.
Then, because I'd done/seen all if these things before, I went over to look at Tim Peake's landing module.
It's smaller than the Apollo 10 one, and you couldn't stand up in it. It was quite different ...mostly because it's Russian as opposed to American I guess.
The hole in the picture isn't a window (they were tiny) it's where the parachute came from apparently.
And there was writing that said "Man inside" in various languages, and "Help".
I thought it was very interesting.

...and then I met my old camera class buddies, but I was so tired :-/ ...I just drank tea and ate chocolate :-)


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