Thursday fun

James woke up in a right funny mood this morning, he is a little threenager when he wants to be :) refused breakfast, didn't want to sit at the table....not a morning person at all today until eventually I managed to get him going!

We headed to the retail park to pick up a couple of things for Euan's upcoming birthday. James was very excited about his visit to the big toy store, commandeered the basket, filled the basket (with things I removed when he wasn't looking), and pulled a number of toys off shelves for a closer look..... :) safe to say I think James is going to be a keen toy shopper in the not too distant future.

We then met Auntie Ali in M&S for a hot chocolate and blether. James was very pleased to see her :)

This afternoon we went to the Falkirk Wheel where James saw what he referred to as the "baby Kelpies"! He was so keen on them that we didn't walk too far. It was freezing too so we made a hasty retreat to the car.

Home again and James was full of cuddles and mischief! We were also practising forward rolls this afternoon. James is worryingly capable! I must be a good teacher :) he was impressed that Mummy could do them - I decided against showing him a backwards one!!!

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