The Art of Knitting (and photography)

This is one of our ex-colleague Kerstin Lindström's knitted sculptures. It is fixed 4 floors up, hung down to the ground, laid across the floor and ends in a pile of knitted wool and a final strand, perhaps waiting for the production to be continued. It is part of her exhibition in Sundsvall's cultural centre, "KulturMagasinet".
There was no way I could get it all in using a normal format so I used the panorama tool in the camera to pan across the floor and then gently turned the camera to pan upwards. In that way I managed to place the horizontal and the vertical in the same plane. My own artwork perhaps!
If you want to see how it looks in reality start following the “scarf” from the right and then turn your computer onto it’s side to make the vertical vertical. I realise this will be a bit bit tricky if you have a 27” Mac but it works with a laptop, and is probably even easier if you are using an iPad or similar!
HarlingDarling has blipped another piece from Kerstin’s exhibition about owning our own time, which is an ongoing "Monumental knitting Circle" where 83 knitters work on one piece, standing in a circle, for one hour. Music and dancing can be going on in the circle at the same time. So far the circle has been to the Faroe Islands (2011), Lerwick - Shetland (2013), Paris (2014), Borås, Sweden (2015), and Quebec, in 2016. The circle is getting wider, heavier, and more colourful. Iceland is next...

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