My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

Abstract Thursday

I decided yesterday that I’d order the upgrade to my Sony RX100 to the Mark 3 (especially as there’d been a £50 price drop) and “click and collect” meant I could pick it up this afternoon (see extra). It was timed well as I could do that before picking up the grandchildren after school. Arrived early as school so thought I’d set the date, time and area. Could I get it to save inputted data? No. I had to do it before the kids came out of school as I couldn’t face the shame of asking one of them to do it for me! Managed it at last.
Today’s blip was taken whilst waiting for them with my new ‘toy’. There has been a bit of a tidy up around the village green where parents wait for their children and some new ‘furniture’ has been installed. My blip is a cropped detail of one of the new installations - no filters or faffery.

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