Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Busy ....

Morning catching up on admin work, visit at 12 midday, quick dash home to let Lili into the garden then on to a training workshop (care governance). Back to work for half an hour then down the pub (not something that I normally do!!). A health colleague retired today - I'm only jealous, as she is 55 (having worked full time since the age of 18 and only having a short time off for maternity leave, working for health affords her the option of retiring early). We worked out that I must have known her since 1994!! She agrees that she will miss the work after her "holiday period", but sometimes you just have to take a step off the carousel and relax.

Photo of my flowers that are still going from last week - love the mix of colours.

Friday tomorrow - yippee :)


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