Party round the back of the Dahlia

The great thing about summer is that even if you haven't managed to get your blip by 7.40pm, there's still lots to find outside! This seemingly quiet dahlia was hosting a party round the back, which I would never have noticed had I not A) been using the macro lens, and B) spotted the ant around the front (in extras).  I'm sure all those fluffy things "shouldn't" be there - that's how bad a gardener I am!

Christina sent me a message this morning, urging me to drop everything, get a wetsuit and drive over to Farewell Spit to help re-float whales. There had been a mass stranding of Pilot Whales - 416 in total - on the inside of the spit, not far from Pakawau, where Nicky and I stayed a couple of weeks ago.  Already, 75% of them had perished when they were discovered at dawn, and DOC and Project Jonah were asking for anyone who could manage it to get over there for high tide at 10.30am.  I couldn't really go and I wouldn't have made it in time, but I believe they managed to get most of the surviving ones afloat again, only for half that number to re-strand again.  I'm in two minds about what the best thing to do is in this situation, since reading twigs' very moving series of blips following a similar incident in 2012. By strange coincidence, she has headed over there again for the weekend, and says she still stands by her final blip on the subject, but will take her wetsuit and walk along there in the morning to see them.

Immy completed her one-on-one Barista Basics training course this morning, I'm pleased to say, and now has a smart certificate that she hopes will persuade the ladies at the café to let her near the coffee machine!  We also managed to find a suitable bed for her in Wellington, so that's another thing ticked off the list. Now she's gone to a 'bad taste' party, and I'm definitely not going to show you how she was dressed as it might offend some people!

Nicky has just arrived back in Bahrain and I'm waiting for him to Skype me, so I'd better finish this.

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