Circular Quay

Despite the forecast 40C I had to venture to Sydney today for two appointments.

It all went quite smoothly. I travelled down by air conditioned train and found a bus route which saved my intended walk in the heat.
I allowed plenty of time and was feeling pleased with myself when I boarded the train home.

However it would have been too good to be true without the announcement at Hazelbrook that "this train will be delayed for an indefinite period due to a mechanical issue with the train ahead".
We ended up being a hour late home but it was no drama. I had a good book to read and the train was relatively cool.

Another hot day tomorrow but it won't be so bad in Blackheath where I am staying put.

This is a shot from Circular Quay where I sat for a while before heading to my first appointment. I like the sparkles on the water.

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