New playhouse

The new playhouse for the cats arrived yesterday afternoon and I spent the afternoon putting it together.  If that wasn't a job enough in itself, I got to do it with two cats constantly trying to get between me and what I was doing.  But it is now together and in place.  

Because it is on the south side of the house and gets direct sun all day, things on the porch do not last long.  The "white" behind the playhouse is canvas that is between the playhouse and the railing.  It helps protect the house from the worst of the sun.  Doing that, made the last playhouse last much longer than the previous one.

Last night at our MS support group we had a great time working on the quilt squares for the two quilts we will raffle off May 6th.  We had two new MSers and their carers come last night too so it was even better.  The time went so fast.  I brought home some squares to work in over the next month.

Today Kent is off after an exhausting 4 long days of "auditing" at work.  We are going to meet Burt & Jolanda for lunch at Elijah's and discuss the support group going forward.  

Once that is done, no set plans but there is always plenty to do!  

It's Friday again folks!  Where has the week gone?  Happy Weekend Everyone.

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