The last couple of days have been almost completely occupied by my various voluntary duties - entering plant data, writing a newsletter, preparing for two talks, responding to a local plan consultation and planning field trips and walks for the coming field season. Sometimes I seem to spend more time doing unpaid work than the paid stuff....

But this evening I got a boost when I found out that one of my photographs had won a prize in the Wildlife Trust volunteer photography competition. This is the fourth year I've had a photograph in the top three, and I really wasn't expecting to be placed this year as I've spent less time than usual photographing their reserves and so had a much smaller pool of images to choose from.

Anyway, as a consequence of both the work and the bitterly cold, grey weather, my photographic opportunities have been severely limited. It's snowed on and off all day, though none has settled. I spent a little while trying to capture the whirling snowflakes with little success., but this was the best of a bad job.

Thanks so much for all the hearts and stars for my Iris image - which was also a bit of an EB, though one that worked surprisingly well! 

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