In which Toots visits

A fast and furious cycle to Mewes and back for the arrival of a visitor to the lilac house - Toots! And she did arrive bearing gifts - including a most valuable History of Granton (think I was a bore before..?). As a reward I gave her a tour of the apartments, wings, quarters, grounds and policies. And then we sat to eat and blether. And blether we did. Lovely to see you.
Later out with the auld boysers, aka les trois amigos. Or is it caballeros? The trusty Buffalo Grill. Most excellent, as ever. Well, the wines certainly were. But clearly there weren't enough of them as we had to go to The Captains for a dram or two where some Henry Ibbs was warbling. And then of course one for the road. For a change the footy discussion was less heated than usual - Sellick may be away with it. Instead it was all about who was fatter. Spring may be coming.

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