By Missycat

FlowerFriday10 Cheerful!

We woke yet again to leaden skies and rain which continued all day, so  I'm glad that I but these very cheerful tulips to provide some colour for today's FF shot.  So miserable and grey was it, that I used my piece of sky blue card as a backdrop and used one of my camera's presets ( softly backlit) to try and bring a little brightness to the scene, albeit with a slightly artificial look!

Today is also, of course, my alternative flower day with Violet. We go to Tumble Tots late morning, which is not the best time for her as she often would like to nap then.  Today, she fell asleep immediately that I put her in the car and simply wouldn't wake up even when I had wheeled her round to the class.  I decided there was no point in staying and instead popped into our practice to sort out a few things, while Violet continued to sleep soundly in her buggy throughout my 30 minute visit!
Once back home the sleeping continued until mid afternoon, when she grudgingly woke up for a very late lunch!  My  extra is taken with my phone)  late afternoon, when she decided to put on one of her several princess tiaras .

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