Winter Snowflake!!

Woke to snow showers this morning and got very excited! Dashed out into the garden and spent ten minutes catching tiny snowflakes on my glove, in the attempt to try and blip one. 37 shots later, this is the best that I came up with!

I hope you’ll forgive the quality of the photo though, given that:
a)      My camera’s macro function wasn’t working properly (I really must get round to taking up my brother’s offer to buy me a new camera!)
b)      The light was poor
c)       I was catching snowflakes with one hand and trying to take photos with the other, whilst not dropping the camera!
d)      I was in my pjs so there was a fair amount of shivering going on!!

The next hour was spent gazing out at the snow flurries, but sadly the snow didn’t pitch. So the rest of the day has been spent working on the photobook. 110 pages down, 50 to go!!

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