Skiing with the Visitors

It's always an adventure to go x-country skiing with visitors from Britain. We have to remember what it was like 30 or so years ago when we started; how unnatural it seemed, how hard it was to balance, how steep those small uphills and downhills were.
The visitors did really well and by the time we were headed home they were skiing nearly as quickly as we were. Jan's brother even skied down the short hill to the lake, twice!
Our usual picnic spot was already occupied (and the wood I left there had been burned up by someone), so we made our fire on the snow covered beach instead.  Sitting near the fire we ate our sandwiches and drank our hot chocolate, with a little added brandy in honour of the visitors.
Home in the evening we noticed everyone had very red faces. Was it the sun, which was shining brightly nearly the whole time, or was it the cold (-10°C)? Who cares, it feels very healthy anyway.
And now for the chicken curry and vegetarian curry with rice, followed by ice cream and custard, finished off with a drink of something alcoholic!  Goodnight!
PS, My apologies for a lack of comments but there's not much time over with visitors here!  Normal service will be resumed after the weekend.

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