Stir Crazy

Mrs B and I are just no good at sitting on our backsides cooped up and yesterday's horrible weather had taken it's toll. We were getting a tad stir crazy and no matter what the weather we were getting out and about today.

The snow, sleet and rain kept sweeping across as we headed off to South Queensferry and there was more than one comment about who's stupid idea this was.

The Bridge was an magnificent as ever although it looked a bit different in today's weather than it did during our last trip to see it.

Inchgarvie Island below The Bridge didn't look particularly appealing in the freezing easterly winds, not that it ever does.

The extra, as per my last blip from South Queensferry, shows the Road Bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing which now fully spans the Firth of Forth and is just being tarted up before opening (a technical term). The snow clad Ochils can be seen in the distance (just below the road bridges).

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