What a difference a day makes!

After a bitterly cold, grey weekend, today's blue skies and sunshine were such a welcome contrast. High winds, up to 46mph this morning, easing off to 20+ mph, also meant I pegged out two washloads, so that was a good start to the week, too.

Then I got out my tripod. What a difference it makes to clarity when photographing birds! I was trying to capture them on the bank at the back of the garden alongside the snowdrops.

Now I've spent hours dithering over which picture to blip. I can't keep doing collages! Finally, went for this one as I was pleased with the way the blue tit and great tit were aligned at an about-to-fly-to-the-nut-feeder angle, and it does catch the snowdrops, too.

Couldn't resist adding a couple of Extras, though: in the first, I liked the light on Mrs Chaffinch's beak, the way snowdrops and bird both seem to be peeping through the greenery, and the contrasting texture of wood and moss, and, in the second, I like the relative crispness of the dunnock, whose subdued colours don't usually show up well and tend to blur into the background.

There might well be more birdie blips this week, mind you, as I've left my tripod at the ready.

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