Funny Valentine

What a kerfuffle this photography lark is. I thought I would take this little coffee cup.Then I thought it needed a flower in it. While I was out shopping I noticed that M and S were reducing the prices this afternoon on their flowers. So I bought my own , slightly going off, Valentine's day flowers, being sold off cheap. So far so romantic . Not.
Back home I decided to use a light tent I knew we had somewhere. I disentangled it from LooseCanon's room full of framing paraphernalia, only to find the cat had been sleeping in it and it was covered in fur. I had to wash it , dry it and set it all up. After that I couldn't be bothered to find lights and remote controllers and all that malarkey so I just shone a torch on it through the tent thingy. Thats why it's weirdly lit.
This evening I'm off to a meeting, and L/C is going to photography club. I do hope everyone else is having a very romantic evening!

It's quite a tiny coffee cup so I'm tagging it for tiny Tuesday 

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