Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Better school books

Since he moved up to green in the KS2 library the books from school have been much more bearable to read. He has also found a good number of new factual books which he is devouring in a nice balance to the fiction books he reads at home.

Parents evening tonight. Will is doing amazingly well. Maths is his strong point but his literacy is great too. His teacher said she loves how adventurous he is in his writing and sometimes she finds herself looking at him and thinking "How do you know that, you're only 7?" I know how she feels. His social skills are as good as his academic ones, she likes having him in class because he is always willing to give an answer that she can work from but that he has a great sense of humour and is happy to be teased by her and her TA too.

Carys is bang on where she needs to be. Her teacher is very happy with her progress and the fact she has gained in confidence as the year has gone on. Carys is also good at knowing when she needs help and is happy to ask for it. Her teacher has got her down to a tee, Carys absolutely loves her and I got the impression that again her teacher is very happy that she has Carys in her class.

I know I am lucky to have kids who want to learn, I know some of that comes from us as parents and internally from them themselves. However I also realise how lucky we all are that they got into this amazing school, with fantastic teachers and high expectations of all pupils. The children rise to those expectations.

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