Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Snagging list

Once upon a time I was the project manager for the construction of a new building. It was a hellish job but is a physical representation of the hard work that a lot of people put in, not least to get the grant funding to do it.

Following on from comments with Picturepoems yesterday, I am again tackling the mountain of my own stuff that I keep for no obvious reason. Today I waded into a box that the first half contained papers from this building project. All the drawings I did of possible furniture layouts and requests for quotes. Here we see a sample chart of possible chair fabrics and architect's impression of what the building would look like. I'll keep the drawing and ditch the samples even though I could probably come up with a project idea for them.

My life is really one big snagging list of things that are not quite properly finished or haven't turned out the way they were supposed to be on the plans.

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