What's The Point?

Is, I think, a rough translation of the title of today's poem. A Quoi Bon Dire by Charlotte Mew. https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-quoi-bon-dire/

It's about the death of a loved one, maybe a lover or maybe a member of her tragic family. The words, "And everybody sees that I am old but you" reminds me of "They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old." The possibility of love transcending death and reunions in the afterlife are no consolation to me as I'm not a believer. Not keen on these introspective verses from people who are unfortunate enough to have suffered from mental illness. Charlotte Mew committed suicide by drinking Lysol when she feared that she might be descending into insanity like two of her sisters had. (I was very interested to read that Lysol, a household disinfectant, was used as a contraceptive douche before the advent of the pill.) Many poets have mental health issues but some, John Clare for instance, write uplifting, outward-looking verse that I can appreciate. I don't want to continually be reminded of death and decrepitude. I don't like thinking about what the point is or what it's all about, stuff like that does my head in. Seize the day come what may I say. :)

Delighted about the pointer in my pic. I've been moaning to the Council about a dangerously loose manhole-cover down a pothole in the road. Vehicles tub-thumping over it have been keeping me awake and those swerving to avoid it have narrowly missed me as I turn onto the highway.
At least it has a fence round it now. Wonder when they'll get round to the repair?

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