One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Mimi is due to do her presentation in class tomorrow. 
They are all due to present their special project tomorrow. 
At least 5 of the girls picked gymnastics for their project. Which doesn't bother Mimi. She does gymnastics 10 hours a week, she lives and breathes gymnastics, she is happy to leave them gymnastics for their project. 

She's picked Everest. The conquest of Everest.
But she is suffering from stage fright. 
It's good training. Public speaking isn't easy. The more practice she gets at an early stage, the better it is. 

She wasn't quite convinced. 

Then I told her that anyway, the 27 others will have zero interest in listening to what she has to say, that they'll only be worried about their piece, and that they will switch off almost completely while it is not their turn.

In adult life it is called a meeting or a conference call.

She immediately found the idea of the whole thing a little less daunting. 

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