Faces of Survival

This morning, Breno took me to one of the houses his project has built last year. And we were both shocked to see the state the house was in: The yard was full of putrid garbage, one of the chickens running around had lost most of its feathers and the skin was covered with pustules, the three dogs were visibly sick and being hugged by three of the seven children. Breno told me that, after mother and father had found a job, the oldest 14-year-old daughter had been put in charge of keeping the house clean. But we found her sleeping on the couch in the living room. The entire house stank - there's no other word for it. We then found out that the 14-year-old was pregnant and had absolutely no interest in doing anything really. 
But what surprised me once again was the joy and playfulness of the younger children. Playfulness is the only means they have to resist misery. When they stop playing, they give up resistance. 
The main blip shows one of these moments of playfulness. As an extra, a more conventional portrait of these children. 

MMC17 Day #17

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