Weird with only 2 people in the building.
We drove our lovely visitors to the airport and saw them on their way.
Did some shopping for milk and washing up liquid and other such simple things.
Went to the big shopping centre, Birsta, and got a new battery for my Gul watch.
20 quid, gulp.
I suppose the watch is worth it!
Keith is full of bugs and empty of energy.
I am quiet.
We are sitting here, me on one side of the kitchen table, him on the other.
Neither of us has had the camera out today.
Mine is hiding in the spotty bag.
It's a blip emergency!
This is the result!!

It will all be fine in a little while, but the gaping wounds left by ripping out the heart of our temporary 4-person family are smarting at the moment.
(and now, just a little while later, it's much better... which is lovely. We had a very happy time!)

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