Happy birthday blipper Keith!

Yesterday was blip's birthday, today it's Keith's turn - and his sister Caroline's too. She was a great birthday present for an 11 year old lad!

This is the birthday breakfast table from on high, complete with flaked out tulips from Rose almost a week ago. They just get better.

We had a fire and presents, and then went to town to have a snack at Café Skeppsbron. They do a lovely American pancake with bacon and maple syrup. You could do worse. Keith is very easy to please and has had a pleasant celebratory day, despite feeling only half ok from the virus.

In other news: Apparently Sweden sustained a terrorist attack yesterday, according to the man in the White House. He possibly mixed up a town in Pakistan (Sehwan) that was indeed attacked, with Sweden. His reading skills are poor so he might just have made the mistake that way.... anyhow, he didn't fact check. The Swedish government is asking the foreign office in the USA for an explanation.... A good way to go, calling the professionals to book.
Apparently, he got it off Fox news, where a reporter had concocted a story about rising crime rates (not true) in the wake of many refugees/ immigrants arriving (true). 

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