To Bokeh or Not to Bokeh

Or is this just a blurry background (which is pretty much what Bokeh is but I didn't use any photographic techniques HAHAHAHAHA).

Busy day doing the normal Sunday lunch, today it was Pork Shoulder and a large Ham (soup made from the stock).
After lunch we sat around talking and laughing at some 'You Tube Fail' videos until the phone rang and our elder daughter, Johanna, and fiance Luke had run out of fuel on the M5. It wasn't too far away, we are near Jct 11A and they were just beyond Jct 14 (Thornbury).
I couldn't believe the coincidence that only yesterday I had filled up the fuel 'can' so that I could fill my 1L fuel bottle to take with me when I gad about on the bike (Ypre in May and the 500 mile ride in June). I'd filled up the bottle so there was 4 litres left in the can.
I nipped down there, met them on the bridge near where they had stopped, and back home to find Ian, Kim, their daughter, Trynity and baby Autumn visiting which was a lovely surprise.

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