Boys will be Boys

Up to Tynecastle for another glum game of football. The grumbling in the old stand was a joy to behold. I don't know why joy is somehow beheld. What else is? I digress.
Afterwards, on to a bit of theatre. My depressed spirits sank even lower at the very prospect. It was a 'work in progress' (groan), it was called Locker Room Talk (based on Trump's infamous description of his sexist banter tape - so surely it would be obvious and heavy handed), and worse.. yes, worse, it was to be followed immediately by a Q&A with the playwright and cast. Wail!!
How wrong could I be. Hugely original and thought provoking. Put males and male behaviour on the spot anyway, and has had me discussing aspects of it ever since. Can't wait for the philosophical society gathering this Wednesday!

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