Pictorial blethers

By blethers

And they pitched their tents facing the rising sun

Kevin, Bishop of Argyll and The Isles, is a riveting preacher. His sermons on Advent Sunday are always based on the same text: "and they pitched their tents facing the rising sun". I have heard two consecutive such sermons, and they were very different but equally moving, and it was the words of his text that I remembered this morning as I watched the sunrise through my study window. I was uploading pictures I had just taken of the pale pre-sunrise sky - the light had wakened me and I couldn't resist - when my computer screen was suddenly a blaze of fire and I couldn't do any more work. Instead, I took this photo.

It's not brilliant as photos go; I wanted to capture that moment and had no time to go next door to where I could actually hang out of the open window (there's a digital keyboard in the way in the study), so the slightly smeary window got in the way, but it was a lovely sunrise, and made me feel like those ancient Israelites in the wilderness.

It's dull and misty now.

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